4th AUGUST 2013 – Sartorial update !

The VCC Honorary President - Farokh (Rooky) Engineer - captured blazing a Pink & Grey striped trail across Lancashire and the rest of the world on SKY TV and in the International Press during the 3rd Test Match at Old Trafford – England v Australia !! see and read below......

Note; The VCC club blazer is currently exclusively available to the President, Honorary President, Officers and full members (past & present) of the Belsize Village Cricket Club. (The VCC)

Useful information

Lift Curry Stains from Washable Fabrics

Mix a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water for colour-fast items of clothing that cannot be bleached. If your hydrogen peroxide is 20 percent volume (which is standard strength), you'll need to combine the two in an approximate ratio of 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 9 parts water, or a 10 percent proportion of hydrogen peroxide.
Soak the item in the hydrogen peroxide solution, letting it sit for at least a few hours.
Rinse the item of clothing thoroughly in warm, clean water, then wash it as you normally would. Make sure you follow all of the care directions on the clothing label to the letter.
Use a biodegradable laundry powder that contains bleach, if the item is bleachable. Simply wash the item in the bleach detergent in your washing machine as soon as possible after you've stained it.↑ Back to the top of the page

Get Curry Stains out of Non-Washables

Take 1 tbsp. of borax. Stir it into approximately a half-litre of lukewarm water (roughly 1 pint). Be sure to measure carefully, as borax is a powerful cleaning agent that may leave a mark of its own if you don't dilute it properly.
Use a sponge to apply the borax solution to the stain. This can be used on non-washable items of clothing as well as your carpet, if you've spilled some of your take-out curry on the floor.
Try not to get the stain too wet. Let it dry, and repeat this process as needed until the stain lifts out. If the stain remains on your carpet, consider calling a professional carpet cleaner to come to your home and treat the stain with industrial-grade cleaning equipment.↑ Back to the top of the page