27th July 2014 — The VCC v Broadhalfpenny Down Brigands CC

A summer’s day to remember for all that played at Broadhalfpenny Down. We lost in a nail biting end to the match by 12 runs but to play on such hallowed ground made for an exceptional day in the history of our club. The story of the day is described best with images.

“The Golden Age - 1750 to 1787”

For nearly 40 years, Broadhalfpenny Down was the centre of the Cricketing world. The hospitable Richard Nyren, owner of the 'Bat & Ball' pub and one of the foremost players of the time, provided the headquarters for the Hambledon Club; a place of much feasting and carousing for the top cricketers of the day. This happy brotherhood took on and beat the Rest of England in a series of matches for enormous wagers watched by huge crowds. The Hambledon Club established and refined the laws of cricket and was responsible for developments in the game, such as length bowling, a third stump and improving techniques.

By 1780 the Club moved to a less exposed site nearer the village and its influence on the game declined. As more cricket was being played in London, the centre of gravity moved to Marylebone Cricket Club, formed in 1787, it became the authority for the laws and the general governance of the game.

For over 100 years no cricket was played on Broadhalfpenny Down but its great days remained an inspiration and fond in the memory of those who cherished the heritage of the game. Amongst these was the legendary C B Fry, who revived the playing of cricket on the ground in 1908. In the 1920s Winchester College bought the freehold with the aim of encouraging more regular play on the ground. This aim was not fully realised until the Royal Naval Signal School at HMS Mercury took over the lease after the Second World War and some of its officers founded the Broadhalfpenny Brigands CC in 1958. Today, many cricket lovers come from far and wide to make a special pilgrimage to this famous ground.”

We look forward to returning next year and thank all those connected with Broadhalfpenny Down Brigands CC for their wonderful hospitality.

April 2014 … The VCC

The Cobra, Bam Bam and The Bard … ”but which VCC emblem will be worn in 2014?”

…and so the 2014 VCC Cricket seasons is upon us. The long dark and very wet winter is behind us…..the sun is out…..players stretching their ailing limbs…..ready to pursue further glories on and off the field of play. A new look VCC squad with youth to the fore. Welcome James, Phil, Alistair, Alex and Saleem. The legends are back in action…. Stocko (Captain Lavender) leading us from the front again.

Captain Lavender (The Bard of Belsize) … Martin Stockman

With the VCC legends and statesman still a force to be admired and reckoned with the return of The Cobra has slithered from his winter basket retreat, The Walrus…..from his ice flow in the arctic, The Archbishop….from his Cathedral, Skip…from the marathon, VuVu….from anywhere, The Beast (when unleashed from his continuing fatherhood responsibilities…at the last count it was three !). Madness will play, so he tells us, assuming his lovely wife provides him with a freedom pass. Our overseas stars….Bam Bam, Kan Kan and Atif will be on duty too. But missing will be The Enforcer… Deano and Qantas….Steve Flew both of whom after momentous efforts, on behalf this famous club, are now back in New Zealand and Australia. They will be sorely missed but always in our hearts and never forgotten.

Jonty with The VCC honorary President … Farokh Engineer

Viva The VCC … Jonty The Walrus. The VCC Treasurer

4th AUGUST 2013 – Sartorial update !

The VCC Honorary President - Farokh (Rooky) Engineer - captured blazing a Pink & Grey striped trail across Lancashire and the rest of the world on SKY TV and in the International Press during the 3rd Test Match at Old Trafford – England v Australia !! see and read below......

Note; The VCC club blazer is currently exclusively available to the President, Honorary President, Officers and full members (past & present) of the Belsize Village Cricket Club. (The VCC)

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