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1st May 2011 — MayDay victory at Leyhill

“You can enjoy Hurdo’s match report in full below but suffice to say that the Currymen travelled up the A41 to the Buckinghamshire badlands and secured an excellent win against perennially tough opposition. It was a strong all-round team performance but special mention should be made to top scorers Ewing (70) and Muller (74), Rob and Don's stand and to Nicey who bowled superbly with figures of 4-41 Nicey's big 4

The day would not have been complete, however, without Jonty’s unfortunate accident with a passing bird prior to the game

Here’s Chris’s surreal reportage

April 24th 2011 —
Currymen crushed at Tillington ... but unearth new Oz Allrounder!

As the Captain Pink's Match Report explains - below - VCC suffered early season yips and endured 9 wicket defeat to decent Sussex village outfit Tillington. There were positives, however, including an excellent 10th wicket stand between Oscar "The Sperminator" Ewing and Stu "Didgeristu" Bamford who took the batting from around 80-9 to a near respectable 122 all out.

Oscar and Stu at Tillington

Indeed new boy Stu so excited the "Selectors" present that an EGM was hastily arranged over Ginger Beer shandies, and the Oz wunderkid was soon shaking Captain Hurdo's hand ..


Stu's fragrant amour, Kate, here gushes over his innings to Web Tsar

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15th December 2010 — For whom the bell tolls and it tolls for many at The VCC !

The VCC AGM held in the Crouch End Tower of Williamson. Huddled around a glass table ready to crack to the very thought of changes of Officers at the helm of the club. Unswerving loyalty put to the test. Treachery enacted by past noblemen of the club upon each other like men possessed. Yes the VCC AGM was in full swing and yes treachery was the winner!

Out goes Stocko, Chairman for as many years as one can remember, possibly as a result of an internal coup. Drama at its height as Dave Nice is elected as new Chairman and Secretary.

Joint captains Pink & Grey maintain their status unopposed with Andy Worboys elected onto the ever increasing Officers at the club as Net organiser Officer. !!!! Our Aussie import Quantas Steve picks up the Vice Captains role and the Iron Chancellor Jonty remains in place as the club coffers swell to almost levels the Bank of England would be proud of in today’s climate of financial restraint. Hurdo (Captain Pink) remains unchallenged as Fixture Secretary

...and then there’s Stocko elected as Media Tsar to plan and update the VCC website ready for the 2011 season.

The VCC is in good shape to take on all that is thrown at them. !!

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18th November 2009 — Aamer bowls another maiden over !!

It is the close cricket season here at The VCC but players lives continue to thrive off the field. Many congratulations from us all at The VCC to Suha and Aamer who celebrated their marriage in late October in Beirut. Could this be the last maiden to be bowled over by Aamer. ?? The VCC was very well represented by Saint who jumped from his basket and rattled his way to Beirut.

Unfortunately this reporter and his wife Lady Oz could not rearrange their visit to Rajasthan in time to join in the celebrations. The poem below written by our esteemed № 2 Bard was to thank Amoooo and his entire family for and I quote “the warm, fun and embracing company of your families and friends, the fabulous and inspiring party, the travel and hotel arrangements and tourist-guiding advice”

Who’s next at The VCC for bowling a maiden over ??


Beirut Wedding Poem

I remember you, Amoo
I remember your brothers and nephews, too:
Gentle Atif, crazy Asif, young Ibrahim and you, Amoo
I remember you

I remember you, Amoo
I remember cricket in Sussex, Ebern-oo:
They broke your batting elbow - but you played on, Amoo
I remember you

I remember you, Amoo
Another match in Beaconsfield – England, too: 
A secret victory plan to keep you bowling and bowling, Amoo
I remember you

I remember you, Amoo
I convey our club’s salute to the lovely bride you’ve woo’d:
In Dubai, back in London and of course here - Beirut, Amoo
Well played! We all remember you

I remember you, Amoo
And the wonderful time you and Suha gave us in Beyrouth:
Hamra, Gemmayze…Beit Eddine and Baalbek too, Amoo
I’ll always remember you

Autumn 2009

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7th October 2009 — The Season’s end and a new arrival at the club !

So the season closes with 7 wins, 12 losses and 3 cancellations due to either inclement weather or a lack of players available from the opposition (Marsh Baldon). Many notable highlights throughout the season most of which can be read in the match report archive page despite the absence of ten or so reports which our notable soon to be ex Captain Chaos ( Ben Madden) has done his best to apologize for on behalf of the club. Despite spending much of the last few months attempting to beat the impossible he has fallen short of establishing a record number of wins in a season which still resides with the writer. ( 8 wins 7 losses and 2 draws in 2006).

Mr CJM Barker

Mr C.J.M.Barker (Spinning fingers !) Modelling fantastic VCC knitwear from Kaz

Sincere congratulations to Roisin and Rick “The Beast” on behalf of all connected to The VCC who announced the birth of their baby boy named Charlie James Montague Barker. No doubt another VCC batsman in the making to follow in his proud Father’s footsteps. However, unlike his Father, hopefully he will consider the Spinners Union as opposed to the ugly Pie faction. One thing is for sure is he will be a Gentleman thus. Mr C.J.M.Barker will be printed on all VCC scorecards.

The VCC Social dinner / event will be held in the coming months as will the usual VCC AGM bloodbath, which this year possibly promises to be unusually bloody.

A sincere thank you on behalf of The VCC to Captain Chaos, Ben Madden, for his endeavours over the past two seasons. His intensity, sporting brilliance, madness, compassion and most importantly – his inability to match the record or even exceed it can only be much admired by all who played under his flag.

May the next VCC Captain ( or Captains perhaps !!) journey forth to the village greens of lower England in search of whatever it is they desire for themselves and the rest of us who follow like lambs to the slaughter !

Viva The VCC

Jonty – The Walrus
The VCC UK and Overseas Correspondent

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22nd July 2009, 3-4pm — Antony Gormley's One & Other Fourth Plinth

Lord Nelson and Martin Stockman help support Townshiphelp at Trafalgar Square in London

Martin Stockman from The VCC Cricket Club in London ( took part in the famous UK Sculptor Antony Gormley’s “One & Other” living monument on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

This space is normally reserved for statues of Kings and Generals, in an image of themselves. Whilst Martin recited a repertoire of his poetry written over many years he also highlighted the involvement of The VCC Cricket Club and the support it offers towards Townshiphelp (

Dressed in striking VCC Blazer and perched some 60ft up on the plinth, friends and crowds assembled to listen for an hour of prose & poetry between 3pm to 4pm. A special poem was written titled “GU GU” by Tim Graham in connection specifically with one of the ongoing projects at Liwa Primary School in Gugulethu & Nyanga Township near Cape Town (

Martin Stockman on the Forth Plinth at Trafalgar Square

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21st June 2009 — The VCC Chairman’s summer message

The endless summer of love has started. Why not start the day with a good, old-fashioned spit roasting?!

15th June 2009 — The Cobra Cup stays in The VCC basket

The VCC gained a thumping victory against Hawridge & Cholsbury playing for the “Cobra Cup”. This much sought after trophy (not actually a cup) named after the spin king himself was earned largely due to the stunning exhibition of fielding by the Cobra himself grasping two stunning catches and for good measure using his reptilian hissing bowling technique of hitting the stumps.

Cobra Cup winning team

Followed later by a splendid knock of 71 by the Archbishop “The Don”, another half century by our increasingly confident Captain Maddness and rounded off by The Beast with a brutal 49 (cow “mooooo” imitation noises were heard coming from the VCC dressing room as cow corner was constantly peppered by him).

The trophy thus slithered back into the VCC basket from whence it came until next year’s return match.

Cobra Cup

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13th June 2009 — Farokh “Rooky” Engineer is elected Honorary Club President of The VCC

We are enormously proud to announce that the great Indian test wicket keeper Farokh “Rooky” Engineer has generously accepted the role as Honorary Club President of The VCC. A legend whether behind the stumps or with a bat in his hands he faced the very greatest of bowlers from Wes Hall, Charlie Griffith, Sir Gary Sobers, Lance Gibbs, Dennis Lillee, Geoff Thompson to name but a few.

He lived his playing days to the full and his swagger, style, bravery and brilliant all round talent has ensured his legendary status within the world of cricket. His book The Far Pavilion is a colourful journey through his quite exceptional career with Lancashire and India and should be read by every cricket enthusiast.

Farokh “Rooky” Engineer & Jonty “The Walrus”

Farokh “Rooky” Engineer & Jonty “The Walrus”

Cricket is known for its characters and there is none greater than “Rooky” both on and off the field of play. Sir Colin Cowdrey, the great English batsman, summed it up best. He said of Farokh: “In all my cricket years, and I mean this most sincerely, I have not known anyone who has embodied the true spirit of cricket more completely than Farokh Engineer.”

On behalf of everyone connected to the club we are greatly honoured that he has kindly accepted the role as Honorary Club President of Belsize Village Cricket Club.......... “The VCC”

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25th–27th April 2009 — La Manga, Spain: Tour review

With plastic palms, concrete bricks and pink Mercedes a plenty we found ourselves playing in the La Manga 20/20 cricket tournament in Spain. With teams called La Manga, Milton Keynes, The Hague, Amsterdam, Bank of England (being under funded) to name but a few we again found ourselves well beaten in all four matches despite some excellent performances by the father son combination of Don and Oscar Ewing.

Stocko and Rik “The Beast” chipped in with valuable efforts along with Geoff “The Colonel” and Steve Webster. Chris Williamson imitated Carl Lewis of yesteryear sprinting to all parts of the boundary and held several remarkable catches. Nicole completed the heroics for her performances in general!

We somehow managed to come sixth out of eight teams due to Madrid CC and Mojacar departing early!! Winners on Tour were Ben and Kaz in various raffles and The VCC soccer six with a towering last minute headed winner by The Walrus from a sublime corner from our notable Chairman Stocko against The Hague. Highlight for many of us was meeting the great Indian and Lancashire wicketkeeper legend Farokh Engineer.

A special mention to JJ and his team The Hague, a great bunch of chaps, for donating their own player match day fines to our projects in the South African Townships. A most generous gesture. Nicole decided to swap her VCC top and joined The Hague for their team photo despite them losing in the final to their country rivals Amsterdam CC.

Money raised from the tournament will go towards improving the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Anantpur in India, where the Spanish NGO the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is based.

Jonty “The Walrus” 02.04.09

La Manga, Spain, 2009

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20th March 2009 — The VCC participate in Liwa Lords Cricket Challenge Cup

The VCC participate in Liwa Lords Cricket Challenge Cup

The MCC Indoor Cricket School at Lords has never seen anything like it! Men immaculately dressed in Pink & Grey blazers, cricketers claiming to play for teams named the Paddington Wrecks, The VCC Legends, Love 50, Intelipac (The Sandon Strollers in disguise) and those responsible for the re-design of Lords a few years ago from the Davis Langdon team led by the redoubtable Richard Baldwin. All for the best of causes in supporting and raising funds for two South African township projects. (

To avoid embarrassment of any kind it is enough to say that everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves with the eventual winners – Intelipac – winning the first Liwa Lords Indoor Challenge Cricket Cup. Awards were provided to the best bowler and fielder as well as the worst two performances. In advance of Wisden’s selection of the first female cricketer of the year was Nicole Sale -Harper from the Love 50 team who, nominated by The MCC scorers on the day, won the crown for best batting performance. A total of £5000 was raised at the event which will be put towards assisting the two township projects near Cape Town, South Africa.

“A major thank you to everyone who participated and generously donated. In particular to the MCC for allowing us to stage the event at the HQ of Cricket and for inviting us back on an annual basis to help us with our township projects” ....................Jonty & Maria Savitt

Liwa Lords Cricket Challenge Cup

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