Welcome to The VCC

The VCC, (aka The Currymen aka The Belsize Village Cricket Club,) is a wandering cricket team peopled mostly by eccentric and/or amusing North Londoners of a certain age.

Founded in the now defunct Village Curry Centre (VCC) restaurant in Belsize Park in 1983, the club has some unique elements within its unwritten constitution: e.g. to stand bravely by our original AGM decision to play in Pink & Grey, we shall never play league cricket, the club’s matches must be beyond the M25, against friendly teams with appealing pavilions/pubs and located in a rural idyll. Failing that we play in Buckinghamshire.

The Currymen have one or two reasonable players, a few more who can chip in with a knock or some wickets, and a generous collection of charismatic bit players who rarely trouble the scorers. There is even a factionette who sport ties as waistbands.

The VCC tours regularly and has lost games and won friends in most cricketing outposts of the world. As one happy result of their travels, the club supports a township school in South Africa.

Enjoy surfing this site. You’ll find not much in the way of statistics but you may stumble upon a lot of photos of flannelled fools, a ridiculous amount of information about kit design, and some frankly disturbing poetry.

Cricket’s The Winner — Viva The VCC!